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Welcome to The Ginger Duck, home of handmade soaps coloured with teas and freshly ground coffee and natural soy wax candles


Our soap and candles are handmade in Northumberland and a stones throw from the Scottish Border.  The Duck's aim is the ensure a fully handmade product is delivered to you to enjoy.  We use recylcled packaging and post out parcels in pre used boxes....nothing goes to waste!

Ginger Duck soap is made in small loaves to ensure quality, then cut, wrapped and finished, all by hand.  This personal touch ensures that the lovely bar of Ginger Duck soap you receive is nothing but perfect!  We only use the finest essential oils which have been perfectly blended to compliment your skin.

Ginger Duck candles are made with 100% renewable soy wax and the best fragrance oils to ensure a quality candle at a competitive price.

Soy wax is not only good for the environment, its also good for you.  Soy wax only gives off a beautiful scent for you to enjoy.  

Our ethos here at Duck HQ is simple - handmade, natural, recycle, quality and of course everything is created with love!